Del Bromham
Del Bromham

1. Hofner Compensator - approx 1964
The first guitar my mum and dad bought me back in 1965. Lots of memories with this one. Wrote most of the very early Stray songs on it. Used it on Around The World In 80 Days.

2. Gibson Firebird VII - 1968
I bought this in London in 1972 after I had my first Firebird stolen. Used on every album since Mudanzas and every live performance since. This to me is a VERY special guitar. Almost a part of me!

3. Hofner Hawaiian guitar - early to mid 1960s
Bought it in a secondhand shop in Ealing London back in about 1972. Same as the one Lennon used on Let It Be (Old Brown Shoe). I used it on the solo on Soon As You've Grown on the Mudanzas album.

4. Epiphone FT-150 - approx 1974
I bought this one new around 1974 - once again it's been on all the Stray albums since then.

5. Fender Squier Stratocaster
One of the first that Leo Fender made. I bought this one back in 1983 - a friend had a music shop and got a couple in. Great guitar, can do all the tricks with it... Hendrix would have loved it!

6. Charvel (not sure of the model) - approx 1988
It has two Jackson Humbuckers. Bought this one in Johnny's House of Guitars in Florida in 1990. A very LOUD guitar!!!!!!

7. Viccars Custom Telecaster - 1989
Andy Viccars is a friend and a great guitar maker based in Bletchley, Bucks. He made me this guitar in 1989. Two pickups, Kent Armstrong by the neck and I believe it is a 1963 Fender Telecaster pickup by the bridge which Andy bought from the guitarist in the Searchers (I think?).

8. Yamaha F-310 - approx 2002
Used this guitar on my blues album Devils Highway. It had the sound I wanted to create - that authentic blues sound.

9. Yamaha APX-4A - approx 2001
Bought this one when I started to include acoustic versions of Stray songs in the live set.

10. Aria Elecord FET-STD BLS - approx 2001
Got this one in 2004 when I started my solo concerts. Use this one mainly for slide guitar and non-concert tunings!

11. Fender Stratocaster HSS Special Edition - 2005
I bought this one in January 2006 at Peter Cook's Guitar World in Hanwell. Originally I went to buy a Les Paul, but they showed me this one and the guitar just screamed at me... take me, I'm yours...! It's a lovely guitar, one humbucker, two single coil pickups. Very versatile, get virtually every sound out of it... Oh yeh! VERY ROCK 'n ROLL ....!!!!

12. Gibson Les Paul Classic - 1960s
This guitar is fitted with 2 humbucker pickups 496R at the neck and a 500T at the bridge.

13. ACEPRO Twin neck electric guitar / 6 string and 12 string - 2005/6
Don't know much about this - it is my 'Ebay bargain'. Virtually brand new and unused when I bought it.

14. Gibson Firebird VII - 2008 (or late 2007)
Ordered for me, made in Nashville and flown over to the UK.

15. Gold indie (not really gold - more sunburst!) - 2008
IPR with Tree of Life fretboard + 2 humbucker pickups.

16. Black Indie - 2008
Model 1328 Custom double cut hollow with P90 pickups. One of the first made.

17. Indie acoustic 6 string - 2008
Tree of Life electro acoustic.

18. Indie 12 string acoustic - 2008
12-Tone DCE electro acoustic

19. Hamer 'V' Vector guitar - approx 2008
I bought this from my friends who run Rock Hard Music in Milton Keynes.
Plays great and looks very 'Rock 'n Roll' – I just couldn't resist it!

20. Pedals
From left to right - main bank mounted on BOSS pedalboard incorporating: TU2 Tuner/DD3 Digital delay/SD1 Super overdrive/CH1 Super chorus/OC3 Super octave/BF2 Super flanger (on floor) Line 6 Rotary unit / Cry Baby Wah pedal / Rocktron Banshee Talkbox.

21. My Dad's hat
I think it was purchased at Dunn & Co in Shepherds Bush London about 1971/72.

Del Bromham

I'm always changing my mind on which ones to use. More often than not it's either Dean Markley of Di'Addario, although Leslie West gave me some 'Snarlin Dogs' which I used for a while and they seemed good and strong and seemed to hold their tonal quality. I use light gauge strings, regular sets 009 - 042 although recently I tried 010-045, particularly on the acoustic. I like to give the strings a damn good thrashing and bending!

Del Bromham

Del uses the Carlsbro Evolution 50 Amp. The amp is a 2 channel 50W head with EL34 valves (2 in class A/B).
It has a triode/pentode switch, FX loop switchable to series or parallel, gain boost for more saturation on the lead channel,
and switchable master volumes to allow a level boost to be set.
The lead channel also has a level control so you can balance it with the clean channel. This will drive a specially custom built slope front 4x12 ('Classic 412') using Celestion G12P-30 drivers, usable as a 4 or 16 ohm mono cab, or 8 ohm stereo cab.
Tthe amp will drive 8 or 16 ohm loads.
For his acoustic guitar, Carlsbro provide a Sherwood 85 Acoustic combo, 85 Watts RMS,12" Speaker, HF Tweeter, Phase Inversion Switch, Two Channels, 3 Band Active EQ with Parametric Mid (Channel 1), Hi Z input (Channel 2) Selectable Reverb for each channel, XLR Line Out (Balanced), Horn Disable Switch and loads of other goodies too!

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